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Blocking spam comments (actually all comments) in gallery2

So I spent most of the evening trying to find out how to stem the hoards of spam comments i’ve been getting in gallery2. The captcha system sucks and it doesn’t seem to stop anonymous commenting. Heres a temp solution … Continue reading

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Online Tabletop

So I sent in my background/application for the online tabletop game over at I’ve never played an RPG via message board, but I know the guy who is running it (and if you’re smart you’ll realize that im hosting … Continue reading

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Guns and the stupid people who get to carry them.

So I’m walking around in my local gunstore looking at revolvers, and while I’m browsing the tons of overpriced Taurus’ I overhear a conversation between a store employee and a potential gun buyer. This guy was either a cop or … Continue reading

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People on American Idol Suck

So since my Fiance is out of town for the week (and I’m bored off of my ass), I decided to watch some of the American Idol episodes she has recorded. If I hear “OMG I DID NOT MAKE IT, … Continue reading

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Reload info – 40 S&W

Caliber: .40 S&W Press: Dillon 550B Bullet: 170gr LaserCast Powder: 6.5gr Unique Overall Length: 1.138″

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