Peppers! - Thu, Feb 14, 2008

I’ve decided that I’m going to churn back up the pepper factory.

A few years ago, I got seeds from a patient of ours for some ‘peter
peppers’ (I think he has since died, and the seeds on the internet are
insanely expensive).  Google them to find out more, I guarantee you’ll
want to grow some yourself.  With a few of his peppers I managed to get
about 12 plants roaring which gave me about 50 peppers a piece.  I
collected the seeds from a selection of them as the rest of them just
grew mold and rotted in my pantry.  The seeds sat in an old glass
bottle until recently when I stumbled upon them.

So I have the
seeds planted in those little peat-starter thingys you buy at
home-depot.  I actually looked up as to the proper way to dry/can them,
so I wont have hundreds of peppers just sitting around rotting.  I also
am going to order some Naga Jolokia seeds so I can make my own atomic pepper oil.