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Gobble gobble *blam*

I am up at the crack of dawn this fine morning to go kill turkeys. Got my gun all camo’d, got my camo all setup, got my calls all ready to go. I sound like a redneck. Pictures to come … Continue reading

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Being sick sucks ass

Theres nothing worse than losing an entire day to being sick. However Tylenol makes these little night and day candy coated pills that make life happy. This post is driven by cold medication.

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Whois privacy scam

Am I the only one who thinks that the “privacy” service that most internet registrars is just a fucking scam? I mean they got themselves into this mess with people harvesting information from our whois info, and yet they have … Continue reading

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Xbox Live Sucks

So I decide to get on chromehounds today to play (like I usually do every night) when I get a message that my Xbox LIVE account has been suspended. Hm, thats wierd, I dont remember pissing anyone off (or even … Continue reading

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If you play OWBN LARP, listen to this.

The OWBN Hour of Power is the funniest shit I have ever heard.

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