Xbox Live Sucks

So I decide to get on chromehounds today to play (like I usually do every night) when I get a message that my Xbox LIVE account has been suspended. Hm, thats wierd, I dont remember pissing anyone off (or even playing anyone within the past few days or so). It says that I’m unbanned as of 3/13/08. I check my email and I recieve this:

Inappropriate Content

Do not respond to this email address. It is not monitored.

This email is to notify you that your Xbox Live account privileges have been suspended due to feedback received from other Xbox Live users about your inappropriate content on the service. Additionally, Xbox Live has deleted the content in question.

You have been sent a message in the Xbox Live Dashboard notifying you when your suspension will end. During this suspension time, you will not be able to log into Xbox Live. Your Xbox Live privileges will be automatically reinstated at the end of your suspension period. The length of a suspension is not announced by Xbox Customer Support and is subject to change without prior notice by Xbox Live.

Xbox Live expects that all customers abide by the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct provides guidelines for appropriate behavior while playing on the Xbox Live service. You can view the Code of Conduct from the Xbox Live Dashboard under Xbox Live Policies in Account Management, or by visiting Your failure to abide by the Code of Conduct in the future may result in, among other things, longer suspension periods or cancellation of your account.

If you have any questions regarding the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, please contact Xbox Customer Support.

Thank you
Xbox Live Community Management team

What the fuck? What content did I have on there that was fucking inappropriate? So I call, and are promptly wait on hold for a bazillion years. Not even any fucking hold music. You would think that with 4.5 x 10^99 dollars Microsoft can sport a little hold music for us poor saps that need to call. So I wait, and wait, and wait and wait with only silence to keep me company on the phone.

Once the rep picked up (who was located in India, go figure) this is what happened.

  • The rep could not look up my account, even though I gave her my gamertag and full name.
  • The rep’s computer then locked up and needed to be rebooted. Cue another 10 min of hold time (also cue the windows jokes here)
  • The rep told me that my account was active, and had no idea it was suspended. It was after I sat there and yelled at her that it was suspended before she put me on hold for another 10 min to “investigate” why I was showing up at active.
  • The rep said that my account was terminated due to violation of the Code of Conduct. When I asked what exactly I violated she did not have an answer, only that I violated it. She said that I cannot talk to the department thats in charge of suspending account.
  • Since they had no reason why my account was suspended, I asked for it to be unsuspended since they had no evidence of any wrongdoing that they can give me (a paying customer) so obviously it must of been a mistake. When she said that it was not possible I asked to speak to a manager.
  • The manager said that my account was suspended due to negative feedback due to the nature of XBL self-policing itself. She did not have an answer other than “you need to consult the code of conduct” to the following questions/comments:
    • How am I to know what I did wrong when you will not tell me what the complaints were
    • How its theoretically possible for me and my friends can send negative feedback to an innocent third party to get his account suspended and him/her not have any sort of idea or recourse
    • How does XBL validate the complaints it gets? It does not log voice or game-logs, so its all based upon the honor system, which as you can probably guess a bunch of 14 year olds with small cocks + video games + any sort of power = bad policing.
    • How am I supposed to determine what *NOT* to do again if I have no sort of idea what I did wrong in the first place?
    • Why can I, a paying customer, not be privileged to knowing what complaints are filed against the account which I pay for?

    After this point it just got into a round-go-round argument as to how she cannot release who complained against me, and me insisting that I did not want to know WHO complained against me, but WHY they complained against me. She could not release that information due to XBL policy. I ended up hanging up on her. She obviously has never played XBL and did not realize the basic frustration of being accused and punished for something that you had no idea you did.

    So here I sit, unable to play XBL due to something that I obviously did but have no idea doing and nobody is telling me why. If you are microsoft and reading this, your policy sucks. I have a right as a paying customer to know WHY my account was suspended so I can not repeat the mistake (if there was one) in the future. I expect a reply or comment to this post explaining to me and the rest of the people who read this exactly the basis is for your vague draconian communist rationale for punishing people without telling them what they did. If it was a computer glitch or mistake then be upfront and admit it. Obviously if you cannot keep your Cust Service rep’s desktops from crashing it tends to make me believe that this is a big mistake and you are just too stupid/proud to admit that I did nothing wrong.

    You can expect now that I’m going to be filing complaints against everyone and anyone who does anything that makes me angry. The “Code of Conduct” says its perfectly fine if I did that (thats how vague it is).

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    24 Responses to Xbox Live Sucks

    1. Great Caesar says:

      Xbox Live policing is like an abusive husband and your the wife. You don’t know if you’re gonna be beaten for looking at him funny or if he’s going to freak out cause you forgot to put pearl onions in his peas. So you just live in a constant state of mousey fear waiting for him to beat you, impotent to his lashing out.

      But as I’ve played online far too much… every online game is like this. At least on computer MMO’s they have people who monitor you and your behavior before beating you senseless and telling you not to run your mouth.

      two words

      Fire Bomb

    2. Kelly says:

      They are unbelievable cocksuckers.

      Last night I had a dream in which you were a sushi chef. AN EVIL SUSHI CHEF.

    3. Eric says:

      That’s like eBay, I got my account tossed once because someone ‘complained’ about me, lost all my listing fees, and eBay refuses to tell me what I did wrong. Apparently that’s ‘confidential’. Reminds me of the law system in old England or something.

      I think if you pay for a service you should at least be told what you did wrong. Especially for your XBL considering they’re going to re-instate it eventually…and now you have no clue what not to do.

    4. AL says:

      Same thing happend to me this weekend. I get an email on Sunday night saying I have been banned for “Inappropriate Conduct”. I called, got hung up on, waited a total of 50 minutes to talk to someone and was then told to submit my complaint in writing to Customer Support at microsoft HQ. The kicker is I haven’t even played since Thursday (March 20th). So I have no F-ing idea as to why I was banned. A buddy of mine thinks it’s because my motto said “bitches come”. If that is the case I should have been banned months ago. What kind of system tells you that you have been suspended but does not give you specific details as to why? How are you supose to know what you did wrong and change your behavior? You’re right about the lack music while on hold, talk about boring. You’d think with all that money Microsoft could afford to have a forum for contesting these bans or set up programing that actually can say why one was banned. I don’t care if my ban is only one or two days.
      All I know is that I don’t swear at people I don’t know on this game, don’t talk trash, and even ask people to tone it down when they are getting out of line. Microsoft can’t answer a question. Bitches is evidently a bad word. An customer support is a fraud.
      I’ve written my complaint and will be sending it in.

    5. Brenden says:

      Just got it today. I have no fucking idea what I did wrong. I checked the code over and over and over and over and over. I didn’t violate any of them. I don’t trash talk or anything!!!!!!!!! I love it when they say “You violated the Code of Conduct”. hmmmm, okay, there’s only 20 rules on the conduct. “eenie. Meenie. Miney. Moe” Dumbasses, got I LOVE MICROSOFT

    6. christopher says:

      well i read somewhere (i cant remember) but he had the same problem cause his name was “UglyJackass” (With the “”) anyway they banned his account and hes had it for 5 years!!! ever since the original XBL and i think they should have gave him a notice that people were not liking the name before they suspended it… kinda like you Al

    7. adam says:

      I have not been banned but I have noted how retarded customer support for x box live is. Today I call tech support for x box live about a real simple issue. My gamer picture was missing which was from a picture pack I paid for. Had this lady that was a total retard kept asking me stupid questions. One of the stupid questions she had me answer over 30 times. I got pissed off and told her to fuck off and slammed the phone down. I had to then figure out how to fix the dam issue myself. That was for just a gamer picture could not imagine trying to fix a serious issue such as an account ban.

    8. Amy says:

      I got that too .
      I got suspended liek yesterday
      and i emailed coustemer service
      and My gamertag is Salvilaladi3
      and well I got soo Mad when i was suspended
      cause i dont know what i did?
      And the worst part is . . . is that im a girl
      And i love Xbox live
      and i have to talk to my friends 24/7
      Now that im suspended
      i told my bro to look at my profile on Xbox
      and Everything is Code of Conduct.
      I dont even know what i did
      I this its a buch of Bullshit

    9. bradey says:

      due i have the same freakin problem….i was playing a game and right in the middle of the game i sign out…i was like wtf? it said that i was suspended till 5/24/08 its been a freakin month!!!!!!! i dont even know what the hell i did!!!! i dont have a mic soooo it wasnt trash-talk my gamertag is eiDeMiC iVi so nothin wrong there i am so glad im almost done waiting… this is bullshit why cant they tell us what we did i looked at the code of conduct and it said it will delete anything it wants so i guess ill find out what i did…. in the mean time a created a new account and the free month trial is a good idea!!!!! good luck dude i feel for everyone who gets suspended and doesnt know what they did,,, but whatev thats y ppl like ps3 anyway

    10. Tyler says:

      wow i had this same problem and im pissed. i got three emails from them saying that i had inappropriate content. apparently while i wasnt home, someone thought it would be funny to make my motto say “i <3 8==D”. i didnt really care and decided id change it in a little while. the next day i go to log in and it says im locked out. all because there was a penis in my motto? WHY ARE PEOPLE SO OFFENDED BY A PENIS. i mean come on it doesnt even look like a real penis! (at least i hope no one’s looks like that) i think they should just erase the motto. its not that hard. but i sure am glad you talked about speaking with someone about it so i dont waste my time talking to some indian person who is practically given a script to read from. microsoft honestly might as well use computers for the whole customer service thing, because the people suck. microsoft sucks. and apparently people who draw dicks suck. uggh.

    11. Josh says:

      okay, well every weekend me and my friends come to my house and play call of duty 4. like team deathmatch all on the same team. so tonight we were all hooked up and everything on live, and in the middle of our games we started randomly getting signed out at different times, and now the xbox live keeps failing when i test the connection. and now i cant even turn on my xbox. i think someone complained on us or something. can someone help me out?

    12. Nathan says:

      hey guys,
      my GT is nathACCLAIM,
      and i got banned for … absoulutley jack shit 🙂
      Microsoft have a habit by the look of it. i hate it
      I signed on this mornin no prob.

      but i cant even access how long im bann for.
      and tbh. its ridiculous, cause i havnt played for one month, been out having a life. when i want to play a game of Halo. Guess what
      Inappropriate content.
      now my motto is “not in the mood any more”
      so thats nothing wrong.
      my bio is empty.
      hmmm nothing wrong
      so i aint gone wrong here.
      I can be competitive but not like
      I get that abuse at your local friends house xD.
      i mean i dont curse alot and if i do its with a mate in a conversation. so. Xbox is really being immature. i give up with it really worse 300 pounds + 30 for the year subscription

      the thing has led me to think why should i pay them money for a service which im being banned for by 3 year old kids who cant do their job without having their mom hold their hands.

      I feel for anyone whos getting this unfairness.

    13. I FC I Wolf says:

      Today I just got the message that i was suspended till tomorrow, I DID NOTHING!! I’m so pissed because my friend just got GTA4 and I wanted to play online with him, wtf is up with XBL omfg…

    14. LikeToday. says:

      Well.. Where to start.. I apparently got a complaint from some douche because I noob tubed him in CoD4.. he said he was going to file a complaint on me because of this.. began calling every name that you can possibly think of and continuing this throughout the game.. i filed a complaint on him because of what he was doing.. i used the complaint file for what it is meant for.. I wouldnt have done this if he had stopped.. but he kept going.. even into the next match.. this is why i think i got suspended.. apparently he got 30 of his douche friends filed complaints on me to be gay.. it said i was suspended until 11/6/08, the following day.. so i go to sign in the next day and what do you know??? I was suspended again.. this time for an extra week.. i called telling them to undo my suspension because i believe i did nothing wrong.. but they said they couldnt.. at first i was completely clueless as to why i was suspended then i thought about how big of a douche he was being.. I really dont think that xbox live should have the ability to allow people to file as many complaints as they want to suspend somebody.. as of now it is 11/13/08. the date my suspension is supposed to be lifted, and my suspension hasnt been lifted.. is there some kind of time where it is lifted??.. any help will be appreciated..

    15. Astromine says:

      Same thing happened to me, of course. I called customer support and if you’ve read this far you’ve realized what douche bags they are over there in India so I’ll spare the hell hole I went through on the line with them for the past 3 hours trying to get something done about this. I’m sure, as others have said here, that I have been suspended because someone had their friends file complaints on me until I was suspended. I think this is completely unfair and people are seriously taking advantage of the fact that they can do this. Something needs to be done, how about everyone filing complaints on Major Nelson until he is banned for something he didn’t do?? I wonder if that would work. Anyone with any suggestions contact something needs to be done here.

    16. SD says:

      yea, i got suspended on the Dec 1, for my bio. it had some shit in it, so i could see why i got suspended. one day, whoppy fuckin do. Dec 2 comes and my account is unbanned with my motto and bio all saying “Code of Conduct”. I decide not to change it for today since i have exams to study for and will change it later. 5 min before midnight my messenger alerts me to an email from xboxlive saying i have been suspended again for the same reason. wtf?? they already deleted my shit. this is just flat out harassment. a day or two is ultimately not a big deal (especially since i wont be on anyway) but considering that i am paying for a service where i can be resuspended with little or no warning when i didn’t even recommit the “offense”? Fuck you MS.

    17. TruSlide says:

      exactly what i am going through. i got suspended on the 4th. it was supposed to lifted today which is the 12th. i sign on and BAM banned til the 18th. I called anticipating an indian to answer the phone but surprisingly i got someone who was most likely an american. He was really helpful and understood everything i said. He said he couldn’t do anything so he decided to ask a supervisor to talk to me himself. I was feeling good at this point. Then the supervisor came on with the dreaded indian accent. The ass didn’t answer my questions but kept repeating himself that i must wait till the 18th. i said whatever and hung up. 10min later i call again. this time its an indian. This retard couldn’t understand what i was saying. it took him 5 minutes just to get my name right, and another 5 minutes to get my gamertag right. I said fuck it and hung up. then i called for the third time. Went through the info bullshit. I asked to speak to a supervisor. This faggot put me on hold for an hour only to be transfered to another service rep. i was pissed. finally i got to speak to a technician. i thought that maybe he could do something. he kept telling me that the system controls how long i am suspended and if it sees that i wasnt suspended long enough, i will be suspended again. I was like wtf? i told him to do something about it. he said he can’t control the system. so apparently they have some fucking artificial intelligence controlling xbox live. complete bullshit. Im sick of XBL. getting a ps3 very soon. fucking indians

    18. Keno says:

      God MS has a fucking bs complaint system because this fucking faggot get all his friends to file a complaint on me and I did nothing wrong….so now I have to wait for a month which will be boring as hell and Ms does not give a shit as long as we pay I say we all stop paying for XBL and get a ps3

    19. casey says:

      Same thing happened to me yesterday. I was just about to play gears when I singed out and it said my account was being used. So I sing back in and it said I am suspended til 1/8/09. Its rediculus. Why should I not have acess to to something I pay $60 dollors a year for that should be free anyways!

      Anyway I had a 48 gold trial so its all good but now I dont even feel safe. I mean how am I suposed to play xbox when I know theres the constent threat of some 12 year old kid and his gay friends getting my acount banned? They should make it to where if your a friend of someone that files a complaint that you cant file a complaint on the same guy.

      At any rate what really scares me is the fact that every time this happens the time of your suspention get longer until your accounts deleted.

      Ive been playing for 5 years now si I might have had this comming but if it happens again I am going to do something about it. And if I get my account banned without compensation for my 1 year account then theres gonna be heck to pay!

    20. paul says:

      some guy kept stalking me on xbox live and sending me msges i blocked him he kept joining the games i was in on cod4 and harrasing me so i cracked and said i was going to kill his family. im scared i think im going to get banned for life?

    21. nick says:

      my profile was all related to drugs and such, and my motto was pass that sheeeit neeiga and they changed everything to code of conduct with no suspension or anything, then I see that and I made it F*** xbox live game monitors, then I get suspended, haha

    22. John says:

      Ive just got suspended for the second time for something that was in my profile 2 weeks ago ive changed my profile twice since then and im still getting suspended for something that isn’t in my profile !!??

    23. aidan says:

      omg the same thing happened to me twice i am so mad I hav been suspended twice so far without knowing how or why my suspension that i am currently serving is 16 days I know how youfeel the code of conduct is bull and the customer service sucks

    24. Fastdan10 says:

      ok gamer peeps, i need some help here. My son has just switched on his xbox 360 only to find he has been banned for 2weeks from playing online on forza 3. They didnt give an explanation and i have one very upset boy. The only think we can think of is he tried a cheat to get extra money, would they ban him for that reason?? Called support line but i was told they couldnt tell me why. WHAT A JOKE!! Any advice would be gratefully recieved.

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