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hooray we won!

hooray we won!

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Why I’m writing here, tile update, etc

So I figured that since I went through all the trouble of setting up WordPress here, I should actually use it. I have it setup where it auto-posts to LJ and DJ so it really encourages me to be lazy … Continue reading

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*sigh* bathroom shower replacement woes.

So Tiffany and I are replacing our shower.  Our pink shower in our pink bathroom.  Turns out that I found out a few months ago (while crawling around the house running cat-5) that the shower leaks.  Yay. So we got … Continue reading

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Ugh, Hockey

The worst part about the Stockton Thunder is their inconsistancy.  For example, they can totally kick ass against one of the best teams in the league while at the same time losing to someone lower than themselves on the standings. … Continue reading

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ATT Worldnet/SBC-Global Mail Service Blockage

One of my really good friends bitched about how they weren’t getting any of my RPG mailing list emails (the list has like 5 people on it.  Too many to remember to mail individually).  They have an email address … Continue reading

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