ATT Worldnet/SBC-Global Mail Service Blockage

One of my really good friends bitched about how they weren’t getting any of my RPG mailing list emails (the list has like 5 people on it.  Too many to remember to mail individually).  They have an email address *sigh* So I decided to log into the server and see whats going on.  This is what I received:
Jan 11 17:36:32 vadept qmail: 1231724192.132200 delivery 42192: failure: Connected_to_207.115.20.21_but_sender_was_rejected./Remote_host_said:_553_5.3.0_flpi189_-_n0C1aVjR003857,_DNSBL:521<_209.142.3.151_>_is_blocked.__For_information_see_

Hm, lets see how much FAIL AT&T can give me:

  • gives me a 404 error.  Way to go!
  • My email server is on zero RBL’s and gets a clean bill of health from Spamhaus.
  • Googling the error points me to:
  • They have a link to a form there, its at

Now here is where the snowball of stupdity just keeps on growing.  Now you have to paste in your error into the form box, but the form box is way too small to paste the entire message error in.  Furthermore it bitches if it sees any special characters (say, like < > which are PRESENT IN ITS FUCKING ERROR).  So in the “what changes have you made” section, I said that their error-message link was broken, the error pasting was too small, and i’m not on any RBL’s.

So if you’re an AT&T admin reading this, please fix your shit.  From one admin to another this looks really bad.  I know you’re a big badass telco/world-domination company, but not fixing this is just going to have my friend drop your service like a hooker with herpes and give their money to a company that has their shit together.

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