*sigh* bathroom shower replacement woes. - Tue, Jan 27, 2009

So Tiffany and I are replacing our shower.  Our pink shower in our pink bathroom.  Turns out that I found out a few months ago (while crawling around the house running cat-5) that the shower leaks.  Yay.

So we got the shower all ripped out, had the hot-mopping vs liner debate, and got everything all boarded up and drywalled and everything.

Then it was time to find the tile to replace it.  Because I didn’t want to rip out my entire bathroom and redo the tile, the tub, the toliet, the sink and everything else, I found this place in southern california that specializes in old 1950’s tile.

Its going to probably cost me about 2k just for the tile alone.  The maroon you see in the picture, this place has a perfect match for about $13/sq ft.  Yeah.  This shower is Tiffany and I’s trip to Belize or anywhere fun this year.  I need to call the tile place tomorrow to order it, but something makes me think that the price is going to be over 2k.  🙁

On another note, since I want to move everything off of LJ to here, you’ll notice that I have LJ comments disabled.  You can comment via OpenID.  Put in your LJ/DJ/whatever (AIM is also an OpenID Provider) and you can comment here.

I’ll let you know what the final bill is for the shower once I call the place tomorrow.