Why I’m writing here, tile update, etc - Wed, Jan 28, 2009

So I figured that since I went through all the trouble of setting up WordPress here, I should actually use it. I have it setup where it auto-posts to LJ and DJ so it really encourages me to be lazy here.  I really wish I could import all of my LJ entries here, however there are problems:

  • No easy way to download all the entries into a format where the WordPress importer can understand
  • No easy way to shove all of my LJ entries into one category.
  • No security levels.  Hell, I’d be happy with setting everything to ‘private’ on wordpress but alas there is no way to do it.
  • There isn’t a really clean way of doing this.  The wordpress LJ import plugin (so I’ve read) doesn’t do true XML parsing but is regex central, so like the jdump.pl xml output just makes the importer die.

Ideally there would be a plugin already written that would do all this for me, but searching gives me zip.

Anyhoo, about life:

So today I called the tile place.  B&W Tile (www.bwtile.com) out of Gardena.  Really nice people on the phone.  I just told them what my tile person told me and they faxed over a quote.  $1400 and that included tax and delivery.  Being shipped tomorrow, 14 boxes at 500 lbs.

I placed the order and we’ll see what comes in.