More about OctoMom and her OctoCrotch

The more and more I hear about the idiot Octomom the more and more furious I get.  You know what the book deals and movie deals and the attention teaches us all?

You will always be rewarded if you fuck up big enough.

People will donate and give her stuff because they “feel sorry for the children” yet isn’t that all this psychotic bitch wants is for people to “love” her, people to “feel sorry for her”.  Have you seen her begging website (I’m not going to link it here because I don’t want to increase her pagerank) that she will probably go and use the money for stuff other than food and diapers for her children?  Its fucking pittiful.  She is preying on the good nature of people to help out those in need and the only reason why people are helping her out is because of the children who have NO SAY and who had NO SAY in this whole ordeal.  Why punish the children when their mom is fucking crazy?

Think how public opinion would be different if she got on the interview and said “Listen, I fucked up.  I really didn’t want all of these kids, I just wanted one more and look what happened.” However she was smug and happy and ‘look at me world’.  Thats why people are pissed.

Oh, and now it comes out that the Octomom has been writing letters to Angelina Jolie.

The woman is a trainwreck.  I stand by my 1 year before she kills herself.

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  1. saintneko says:

    Why do you think it’s of no surprise to me that the people in charge of fucking up our economy are getting paid more to keep on doing the same job they’ve been fucking up all along?

    p.s. you should change your Share/Save icon to say Share/Slave

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