Railing against society

At what point do we, as a society, tell people “produce or get the fuck out”.

Sitting at work today, I wondered why I do it.  Why do I put up with the bullshit? Why do I contribute to a system that just rewards laziness and irresponsibility.  Why don’t I do like everyone does and have my ass wiped for me by the government?

People waltz around without a care in the world fully knowing that the government will provide them with a place to live, food on the table, and their basic needs; a luxury that I do not have.  I stand there, 9 hours a day, serving these people that have contributed NOTHING to the well-being or advancement of society.  They are the hemlock, the blight ; feeding off of us who bust our asses to make ends meet.  I’m at work, they are not.  I bust my ass to do whats right and they just bitch and leech and contribute nothing.  I do everything for them, but what do they do for -me-?  Help thine neighbor is a two way street and all I see are red street reflectors.

They are the proverbial royalty, and we are the serfs who tend to the farmlands so they royalty can eat.  They wake up at 3pm when I’m at work by 9am.  They have no cares in the world other than how they are going to waste away their day living off of their SSI or disability check due to the forms that some quack for an MD that bought their pity-party story signed off on.  Their blight-filled ride is just enhanced by narcotics that WE as taxpayers pay for to treat some “condition” that is a candy-coated rationalization for addiction and abuse.

Sure there are exceptions to this.  People who want to work whom are physically unable to do so.  People with small children that they cannot leave unattended.  There is an exception to every rule, however those people should be as angry as I am because the hemlock above waste they resources that they can use to get into a position of production.  The working class pays to help those who cant, not those who wont.  Why should a man learn to fish when the town provides him with all the fish he can eat?

But no, we rationalize it away that we are ‘helping’ whilst cowering under the heavy stick of political correctness and the squishy “can’t offend anyone” mindset.  We hide in fear of being tagged with stereotypical or racial remarks as the leeches of society grasp at straws to justify their behavior. Race cards get thrown down, feelings get hurt.  People cant take the harsh reality of the situation and would rather just throw money at a problem and pretend it doesn’t exist.  Now the money is running out, and the problem wants their paycheck.

There isn’t an easy solution to this problem, nor am I trying to state one here.  With California nose-diving into the financial ground the boil of society is about to come to a head, and I don’t think we as society are prepared to face the monster that we have created.

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3 Responses to Railing against society

  1. Ingrid says:

    Even as a card-carrying bleeding heart liberal, I totally agree with everything you said. Although I’d rather have my education and my self-worth be one of those scum, even if it meant a free ride.

    I’ve thought it over and again and again in my head about what should be done about those types of people and I really don’t know. The problem is many of them have children and you can’t punish the children by withholding welfare from their fuck-up parents. So I don’t know.

  2. Oona says:

    I totally agree with you. Creating a society where people can just sit on their asses and live off the dole–no matter whether it be in this country or where I come from in the North of Ireland, is unacceptable. If you are not sick or totally disabled, you should work. But then the work that you do should be able to make your subsistence–something that doesna happen. Basically I am a socialist, but I dun believe in free rides. You mention children not being punished, and this is true, but letting them live with teenagers who leech off the state and sit home and party and get pregnant over and over amounts to child abuse too. When people dun work for their money, they have too much time on their hands to cause trouble, and they dun appreciate what they have. If my ghetto neighbours had to get their butts up at 5 like I do and go work all day, then they might not stay up all night wreaking havoc. If they had to pay their own rent and bills rather than get Section 8, they might not have so much disposable ‘income’ to buy alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Grrr…now you have got me started. I could go on forever…

  3. Punkkat says:

    well said, i couldnt agree more

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