Obama screws the pooch with taxpayer funded stem-cell research


WASHINGTON (AP) — Reversing an eight-year-old limit on potentially life-saving science, President Barack Obama plans to lift restrictions Monday on taxpayer-funded research using embryonic stem cells. The long-promised move will allow a rush of research aimed at one day better treating, if not curing, ailments from diabetes to paralysis — research that crosses partisan lines, backed by such notables as Nancy Reagan and the late Christopher Reeve. But it stirs intense controversy over whether government crosses a moral line with such research.

Now a ton of people get this confused with “banning stem cell research”.  No, Bush banned taxpayer funded stem cell research.  I think Obama really fucked up by reversing this (surprise surprise).

Think about it; your tax-dollars are now going to be used to fund research that a private company is going to charge you 10.4 zillion dollars for you to recieve benefits from.   Thats right, WE as taxpayers are paying for R&D that a private company is going to profit from.  That sound like a good idea to you?  You think this company that makes something awesome is going to cut us taxpayers a break because they got their research subsidized by the government?  Hell no!

It would be different if the private company used private funds to fund their research.  Then I can see charging an arm and a leg for this stuff, but no, they will be getting a subsidized ride via an already broke government on our broke backs so they can make a zillion dollars.  If we want to socialize the research, then lets socialize their profits too! Its bullshit, and I’m tired of using taxpayer dollars to subsidize things that the private sector should pick up the tab for!  The only way that I will be in favor of this is if all government-funded research gets put into the public domain (ie: not patented) so anyone can use it.

So in 10 years, when we’re still in debt, but a brand new treatment is out for $foo that nobody can afford (and the company is reporting record profits this year!), think of me.

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2 Responses to Obama screws the pooch with taxpayer funded stem-cell research

  1. TheGinko says:

    The government gets a percentage of public/private research. You don’t see people getting screwed on Polio vaccine do ya?
    Anyway, I can’t say none… But I would suspect very little government money gets into the hands of big-pharma/bio, and that it’ll be like most public/private research, carried out at Universities. *Nods*
    Would you rather that countries like India and China reap all the benefits of government subsidized research (aka investment) while we sit around with our thumbs up our butt and watch our manufacturing sector disappear?
    It’s like the transcontinental railroad… Biggest government subsidized endeavor ever. They gave away an amount of land equivalent to the Louisiana Purchase, and the railroads weren’t exactly discounting the fares… We’ve learned a lot since then, but even with the price gouging the rail monopolists were doing, America was unquestionably better off with the railroad… Something that would’ve have been possible without government subsidization.

  2. saintneko says:

    Hey TheGinko, I recognize the name from deadjoural (where i was nekotaku).

    I agree with nationalizing the health care system. It really is in everyone’s best interest to have a healthy population. Of course, we should de-nationalize early retirement via SSI – or at the very least they should have to fucking trim government bushes or something for their benefits if they don’t want a real job. Back to health care, I actually want health care not only nationalized but fucking ENFORCED. I don’t want some ignorant meth heads starting a plague. Lets force them onto wellbutrin too or one of those other addiction ablating drugs we’ve found. A healthy populace is a productive populace. Effective health care with a heavy emphasis on preventative care will whip us back into shape.

    If we socialize medicine, we socialize the effort to stop AIDS, thereby enhancing our gay community and helping gentrify inner cities. Done right, the possibilities are endless. Of course it’s easy to fuck up too, but if it’s set up to be fully transparent (the very thing doctors are fighting nowdays) of course with respect to patient privacy laws. Have the patients rate the care they receive anonymously, and run database metrics on the ratings to identify problems and seek to fix them. Don’t seek to punish except in obvious law-breaking scenarios, instead seek to streamline the process of getting the patient cared for and the doctors and patients with compatible personality types to prevent friction through the system (there of course is nothing perfect and some people will just be discontent, whatever, pill them up with attitude correctors that have caffeine and glucose in them so they’ll be addicted to something that makes them behave).

    Everyone loves to hate on socialization, especially capitalists, but capitalist landlords fucking LOVE section 8 because they get guaranteed HIGH rent because it’s artificially inflated and always paid on time. Screws honest guys like me, but hey, that’s capitalism, I should be renting a slum to the .gov for some pillhead and getting paid.

    We should take hospitals, make them bigger, put them in park-like settings open to the community (they’re public property if they’re socialized, right?) and encourage people to volunteer their time for tax credits, free food if they’re homeless, whatever be it (of course wall that shit in so transients aren’t living there, but since it’s socialized healthcare, homeless volunteers who are actually trying can stay at a homeless shelter there, why not?).

    Make all the rooftops hydroponic organic greenhouses with built in solar-still style water reclamation systems, pump all the carbon dioxide and humidity laden air from the breathing people inside the hospital up into the greenhouse, let the heat capture the moisture and collect it to water the plants or grounds.

    Put it in the center of the city, and build a transportation hub around it, and you will have a flourishing commercial district.

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