Making music with telsa coils

Wow.  I’ve never seen this before, but its really neat.

Basically if you switch a telsa coil on and off at a specific frequency, it creates lightning that ionizes the air at that frequency.  Thereby you can turn telsa coils into gigantic speakers that shoot out lightning that resonates.



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  1. saintneko says:

    hah. haha… hahaha. Midi controlled. Okay, now that’s the best thing I’ve EVER seen midi used for.

    And yeah, this is a function of nature called thermoacoustic or something. Same thing that makes nanotube loudspeakers work – it’s causing the thermal expansion and contraction of the air around the lightning that’s creating pressure waves that we sense as sound. FUCKING AWESOME.

    It only took 100 years or so since this effect was discovered, but now we have an orchestra playing through fucking tesla coils, with sound generated by fucking LIGHTNING. In a crowded dance dall. I want to play a fucking rave and have nothing but these as my speakers. They wouldn’t let an act like this stop, they’d boo the next act until we came back.

    And they even play some Delia Derbyshire (well, she orchestrated the Dr. Who theme if she didn’t actually write the music to it) on that motherfucker, which is wildly appropriate.

    And the Imperial March. HOLY FUCK WHEN CAN WE SEE THIS SHOW? I want to give them money. Lots of it so they can make BIGGER coils.

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