Less mutant, more mastermind - Mon, May 18, 2009

So I havent wrote about the M&M game much over the past weeks.  Here is a recap:

I had the players go into this time-warp alternate-reality where the world (as they saw it) had been destroyed by an alien force.  They wake up without powers.  I wrote this awesome script to take everyone’s powers, randomize them, then assign them back to the players, so as time progressed, “random” powers started to manifest.  My original intent was to make them realize that sometimes throwing powers at a problem was not the only way to solve a problem.  Plus I was curious to see how the players would cope with not having the safety blanket of their powers at their immediate disposal.

Well, party morale seemed to drop considerably after that happened.  So this last game they did some events that allowed them to regain their powers again.  It was an interesting experiment, however I think my delivery was sub-par and really ruined (or didn’t get the message across) the experience.  Oh well, live and learn.

This last game however things started slow, but towards the end we ended up running past the allotted time of midnight to get to an ending point.  I think that the party could of ran for another hour or two but I had to cut it short due to myself having to work in the morning.  There was an obvious morale improvement as the powers were regained which made me happy.

As random things happen for random times, as I was at Starbucks with a player who is home on summer break (and thereby an active player yet again), we met a starbucks employee who is a UOP grad and what seems to be a die-hard tabletopper.  I shot him an email to see if he wants to jump into the M&M fun, so we’ll see how that turns out.  He recently graduated UOP with a degree in physics, so it would be a welcome addition to get another hard-science major in the gaming group vs all of the fruity soft-science (yes, that means you Brandon) majors that we have.