Mutants and Masterminds – Huge leaps, tons of drama

This weeks Mutants and Masterminds game was.. Interesting..

First off, we had 10 (!!) players show up to game.  I know all of the ST’s out there are are thinking to themselves “Wow, that’s a ton”.  It is a ton, an unplanned for ton.  Unfortunately in order to keep order I had to act like an asshole, understandable if you wish to get anything accomplished with only about 4 people playing in the game and the remaining 6 goofing off or having outside conversations.

An interesting tidbit of experience that I have gleaned, is that when you throw a few players a tidbit of information, they are more than likely going to make a whole bunch of assumptions, take those assumptions as complete word-of-God fact, then run with them.  Usually this okay, but sometimes it can invoke a bunch of arguing and drama (especially when it starts to get really late and tempers/patients grow shaky due to fatigue).  I can handle in-game drama to a point, but arguing over rules and semantics get to me (especially when I’m tired as well).  I guess when you have more ST-time under your belt you can see these things coming and prepare for them.

Game otherwise is going great.  The players got through the first part of my plot and are on now to diabolical plot number 2.

My current challenges:

  • Player count has gotten way too high.  Need to send the word out that we are no longer accepting new players.
  • Need to find out a method of increasing the difficulty of the game to compensate for a few players having some broken powers without making the plot unbeatable (when the burly players are not there) or party-wiping everyone.
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  1. TheGinko says:

    You know… At first I felt kinda bad about how distracted the group as a whole got from the plot… But… I realized something. I think we were successful, and due a hearty pat on the back…
    You wanted a serious game, with real drama that was more Christian Bale and less Adam West… Well, we’re there. I’d say we even had ourselves a real ol’ fashioned “Mexican Standoff.”
    I think I’ve come up with my next billboard idea… What do you think of “Angry Apollo’s Abortion Arcade”? I imaging sorta like a shooting gallery, but with the expectant instead of wooden ducks… With our Toga clad hero in the foreground doing what he does best…
    …I guess you can take the man outta the Adam West, but you can’t take the Adam West outta the man…

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