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D&D and broken characters.

Since I’m a gigantic douche, I failed to mention on here that my Mutants and Masterminds game ended over a year ago.  It just got way too out of hand.  It was to the point that no matter how bad-ass … Continue reading

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Twitter Updates for 2011-01-31

At d&d. Geek pix to follow # House rule: whoever is last to game keeps track of initiave for evtire game. Not I tonight! # oh balls. Stupid magical hounds about to punk my monk ass 🙁 # Dax … Continue reading

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Twitter Updates for 2011-01-30

Looking forward to D&D tomorrow. # My tor-relay got shut down, post forthcoming. 🙁 # Seriously Obama? Government-ran national internet ID? Why don't you fix whats broken before starting new shit. #hopeandchange # Link: http://blog.cybersecuritylaw.u…..ution.html #

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The death of my tor exit-node

My TOR exit node is no more. The ISP shut it down.  All that is left is the relay that I’ve been running forever.  This ISP was on the “Tor Friendly” list (which I altered the wiki and noted it … Continue reading

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Twitter Updates for 2011-01-24

Looks like my tor exit node is going to be shut down. Pity, I thought ISPs were smarter now days. #

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