Twitter Updates for 2011-01-31

  • At d&d. Geek pix to follow #
  • House rule: whoever is last to game keeps track of initiave for evtire game. Not I tonight! #
  • oh balls. Stupid magical hounds about to punk my monk ass 🙁 #
  • Dax pauses game before big end boss battle to pinch a duce. Classy. #
  • WTF. Hailstorm through wall of fog kills our wizard in one hit. Such bullshit #
  • This fucker is throwing level 7 spells at us like they are going out of style. FML #
  • Bad guy escapes. All that's left is a monk,death knight,a ranger npc and a rogue. We are sooo fucked. #
  • Oh fml. He's with his army of giants. 🙁 #
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