Reading really mixed reviews about the Nexus S 4G

Anyone have one that have signal/dropping problems? I guess I should be used to dropped calls being with AT&T, I dont want to sign 2 years of my life away to a shitty phone/carrier (sprint)?
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  1. Who even talks on the phone anymore? #confused

  2. Matt Anglin says:

    You have the money, just pay the full price of the phone so you aren't stuck in a contract.

  3. +Matt Anglin s'funny, I was just looking at this phone on If you buy the phone with no contract, it's $589. If you buy it with a 2 year contract, it's $49. If you cancel within the first 5 months, they charge you a $200 early termination fee. So really, you can get the phone with no contract for $249. (plus a month of service.) Am I missing something?

  4. Matt Anglin says:

    Good call, that's a bit of a devious mind you've got there Greg.

  5. Hehe, er.. hmm. Maybe. Not to condemn myself further, but I noticed something else about their phone service plans. You can pay $4 a mo. for loss, theft or damage protection (with a max of two new phones per 12 mo period), $4 a mo. for "electrical or mechanical repair", or $7 a mo. for both plans. Why wouldn't you just get the loss/theft plan, and just toss your phone in a drawer if it was having problems and go get a brand new one…? Maybe they really believe people are inherently good or something. Or maybe the phones really do cost 2¢ to make, so they don't care..? Eh..

  6. The phone is locked to sprint. Im sure you can root an unlock the SIM card though.

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