20M for fun and profit - Sat, Sep 21, 2013

So here I sit on 20M looking at an empty waterfall.  Why am I stuck on 20M you may ask? Its because whenever I transmit on 40M it messes up the TV and it makes the A/C fan in the house turn on in time with my transmissions.  Really annoying especially when someone is watching TV and the screen freaks out in time with my CW.  I know exactly whats causing it though, Im getting some RF down my coax from the G5RVjr I have strung up, and no matter how many beads I put on the ladder line <-> coax junction it wont seem to go away.

80M is useless because although the K3 will tune it, I bet I end up getting about 1W out of 50 into the air.  Cant change physics no matter how good your tuner is.  Short of working some hawaii or aussie stations, cant really do much but wait until a booming DX station with 1000W into a beam points in my direction.

To top off the radio-gods-hate-me problem, I get a ton of QRM from the city.  Old part of town + old power infrastructure = S5 noise that I cant knock down to any extent.