Snowstorm 2013 - Sat, Nov 2, 2013

I know its been a bit late, but I wanted to get the pictures uploaded before I made this post.

Snowstorm was a pretty good trip this year.  Since I bought the K3 and KX3 the sheer amount of shit I needed to take for the radio decreased by 1/2 (since the K3 has audio built in, left the SignaLink at home).

Instead of the G5RVjr I bought a Windom OCF with the vertical segment.  I actually got really good reception up there.  I didnt make as many qso’s as I would like, but I got a few new countries in the log.

I also made my first CW ragchew qso up there.  Was a nice fellow from Merced running a Tec-Ten.  Sorta the highlight of my trip since I spent all year learning CW just to go up there and make a qso.

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