New Toy – LP-Pan2

Got a new LP-Pan2 for my K3.  Just hooked it up.  Of course its raining out and the bands are absolute shit (well, probably my antenna) but its pretty cool.  I already have an EMU 0204 sound card from my softrock projects, so hooking it up was a breeze.  Now to find good SDR software to use it.  Should really help me when doing CW so I wont have to scan around the band and can actually see the RF and CW speed vs blindly tuning?
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  1. Jas Strong says:

    You know you can just hook the softrock to the IF output of the K3, right?  It's basically exactly the same thing.

  2. I read that it needs a mod from Tony to get the right clock frequency of the K3 IF and a Z10000 isolation preamp so signals actually appear.  Of course this could be old information that I'm looking up.

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