MD from next door comes storming into the store today wanting some Ativan like RIGHTNOW(tm).  They had a "Patient Down".  So I said "Heres like 3 lorazepam tablets!"  She said "OMG TU" and runs out.  Totally random and unexpected, but at least I wasn't a dick like some CVS pharmacists and make her give me a prescription before I handed them out.  "OH SORRY YOUR PATIENT IS SEIZING ON YOUR FLOOR, I NEED AN RX FOR THESE ATIVAN I'M GOING TO GIVE YOU."

In other news, the CW CQ WW DX contest is this weekend.  Do I dare even try? Survey says yes.  Its a hardcore contest, but maybe someone might take some pity on me and cut their speed down to like a snails pace.  I'll use the paddles (which I can send at around 18wpm) and really use the morse decode function on my K3 to at least get some contest time under my belt.  I think if I listen to a runner I'll get the call and exchange the 100th time they send it to other stations.

Helping beta-test the KX3 suite, fun finding bugs (or as they are called now 'defects') and fixing them.?

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