Never thought I'd see the toolman on a ham radio

"It was only putting out 100 watts. Then I rewired it!"

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Hello to all our “Last Man Standing” Ham Radio family, friends and fans.

This Friday, November 22nd on ABC at 8:00 PM Eastern & Pacific and 7:00 PM Central, Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) finally makes contact on the radio! “Mike” uses 20 meters to ask the ham community a question.  About 100 hams respond, causing a pile-up.  The pile up was created using audio clips sent in by viewers who are actually licensed ham radio operators.
Mike goes on to VLOG about ham radio, the FCC, freedom and societal regulations.

The scene was shot in the Mike Baxter basement radio shack which features a fully functioning, state of the art ham station.

If you only watch one “Last Man Standing” this season, this is the one you should see. ?

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