This question might be ridiculously simple, but I have to ask

I have a LP-Pan for my K3.  Everything works, getting I/Q output to NaP3, see the spectrum, life is good.  I also want to run CWSkimmer to help feed the RBN while NaP3 is also running.

Can two pieces of software get the audio data from one device at the same time, or do I need one of these "Virtual Audio Cable" programs.  I know that I needed to use LP_Bridge so both DXLabs and NaP3 can get CAT information from the K3, is audio the same way?

I would just try it for myself, but my CWSkimmer trial has expired and although I will gladly shell out 75 bucks for the reg code, I want to make sure it'll run in this environment.

The soundcard is an EMU 0204 using ASIO drivers.



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