The mighty QSL card - Tue, May 5, 2015

A QSL card is a very personal thing.  Sure there are printers that sell generic/cheap qsl cards for those on a tight budget or who really don’t care about cards at all.  However I wanted something that people would be proud to hang on their walls.

So I asked my 5 year-old daughter to make me one.  I gave her my callsign and let her make whatever artwork she deemed fit.  She made me 2 pictures that were pretty good, but not great for a memorable QSL card.

Fast forward a few months.  The FBOM club had taken off, so we commissioned  Jeff (K1NSS) to do the artwork for the club QSL card.  He did such a great job that I decided to fork over the cash and do my card as well.  I wanted my 2 daughters and my K3 in the card, and sent him not only the pictures of my daughters, but of the artwork that my oldest made for me.  His results were not only approved by myself, but my XYL and my parents as well.


This artwork really captures my daughters to the T.  My youngest unplugging my K3 (which she loves to flip the power switch that turns off the internet to the house), as well as my oldest proudly displaying her artwork.  The art was so spot on, when the finished cards came (printed by Randy KB3IFH) I handed my 2 year old the card and she instantly recognized herself and her big sister.  Randy was a huge help in designing the back of my QSL card for the fields that I needed and whatever modifications I wanted.  He also helped me choose a font that matched the artwork on the front of the card as well.  It was less than 2 weeks between the proof approvals until the cards were in my hands.  Plus he’s here in the US, which makes the deal even sweeter!

Although my reddit friends give me crap about my cards (because they aren’t as cool as Jeff NT1K’s)  their XYL/YL’s seem to appreciate them, which to me all that matters.