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End of an era

At 10:00pm on 3/18/09, I went down to the InReach building at 4635 Georgetown Place to move my one lone server out of their colocation area.  I got a call 2 days prior saying that they are shuffling everyone left … Continue reading

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Whois privacy scam

Am I the only one who thinks that the “privacy” service that most internet registrars is just a fucking scam? I mean they got themselves into this mess with people harvesting information from our whois info, and yet they have … Continue reading

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Blocking spam comments (actually all comments) in gallery2

So I spent most of the evening trying to find out how to stem the hoards of spam comments i’ve been getting in gallery2. The captcha system sucks and it doesn’t seem to stop anonymous commenting. Heres a temp solution … Continue reading

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I hate computers (sometimes)

Why do major computer problems always hit when you really don’t have the time or need to deal with it?  For example, there was a major local root exploit published on slashdot on 2/10/08.  A real doozey.  Run this program … Continue reading

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