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Railing against society

At what point do we, as a society, tell people “produce or get the fuck out”. Sitting at work today, I wondered why I do it.  Why do I put up with the bullshit? Why do I contribute to a … Continue reading

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*sigh* bathroom shower replacement woes.

So Tiffany and I are replacing our shower.  Our pink shower in our pink bathroom.  Turns out that I found out a few months ago (while crawling around the house running cat-5) that the shower leaks.  Yay. So we got … Continue reading

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ATT Worldnet/SBC-Global Mail Service Blockage

One of my really good friends bitched about how they weren’t getting any of my RPG mailing list emails (the list has like 5 people on it.  Too many to remember to mail individually).  They have an sbc-global.net email address … Continue reading

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