SKCC - Wed, Nov 6, 2013

When I got my license in 2001, I really didnt know anything about amateur radio.  I was out on my own doing digital modes using tutorials found on the web, etc.  Even when I got back into the hobby, although the technology progressed all there the actual person-to-person help just wasn’t there.

Fast forward to this last year.  I learned CW from the CWOps group.  From there, I decided to join a few online CW clubs.  One of those is the Straight Key Century Club.  Never before have I seen the helpfulness and kindness to newcomers as I have from the SKCC.

The members don’t really care if you do morse code at 5wpm.  They don’t care how sloppy your code is.  All they care about is helping people learn and love CW on amateur radio. All the members are friendly, helpful, and even topics that don’t relate to CW they are happy to answer.  The support that is there is just mind-blowing.  There are no egos and no belittling.  All you need to show is a love for CW and amateur radio.  If you have a question, someone there will answer it for you.  They alone have boosted my confidence in my ability to transmit morse code on the air.

If you have any interest in CW, do yourself a favor and join their ranks.  You’ll be happy you did.


Frank – KG6EYC

SKCC 10435